About Us

Towers India Engineers

We are assuring quality Structural drawings, Fabrication drawings and Bill of materials within the specified time frame which prove the successful tower testing followed by the smooth site assembly of Power Transmission Line Towers, Telecommunication / Microwave Towers, Sub-Station / Switch Yard and allied structures.

Power Transmission Line Towers / Mono Poles

In the modern world, everyone needs the power which is essential one in our life to run everything and finally ends in the high demand increasing day by day. Out of the main activities "Power Generation, Power Transmission and Power Distribution", our scope is coming under Power Transmission. In the specialized market of Transmission Line Tower design, the knowledge cum expertise of the detailing engineers are the utmost importance. It is difficult to find out qualified and experienced detailing engineers particular in this industry and we are here to retain the place with the help of our highly experienced professional team. We are the masters in the detailing of Self Supporting Square & Rectangular Transmission Line Towers with Single Leg, Star Leg & Quadruple Leg patterns for the towers ranges from 33Kv to 1200kV.

Telecommunication Towers

Which are essential in the today’s fast growing digital world and we are the masters in the detailing of Self Supporting Square, Rectangular & Triangular Telecommunication / Micro Wave Towers.

Sub-Station / Switch Yard Structures

Which needs to receive from the Transmission Line Towers and distribute the Power to the end users. We have provided our valuable services for the Sub-Station ranges from 33Kv to 500Kv.